Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Intense dot steering. Photo: Annika Vos

Chalo Chalo thoughts after Multiplayer Game Picnic #3.

  • Amp visual feedback for explosions even more with very brief display of: rays, dark screen overlay.
  • Power-up: Ranged blast weapon with kick-back for the launcher
  • Power-up: Horizontal mirroring of the terrain (can be interpreted different ways). Thanks to Jan Willem.
  • Trinity: avoid ice 'exploit' by making the direction that clones appear always perpendicular to a line towards the goal. (Many don't 'get' trinity at the moment, underpowered?).
  • Lassoo: ranged weapon. when opponent is hit, firer and opponent are pushed towards each other (proportionally to the distance between them).
  • Stun gun. Add slight 'homing' behaviour to projectiles.

A big thanks to everyone who played, and gave praise, constructive criticism and suggestions.

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