Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Update 5. New and updated biomes. Changelog

Steam Build ID: 1767513
WiFi Controller iOS version: 1.25 (updated to newer Unity networking library)
WiFi Controller Android version: 1.25 (updated to newer Unity networking library)


  • The repeating 'pinging' sound as someone's about to win the match is back again.
  • Fixed the goal being located slightly above the vertical center.


    • Replaced old ice biome with new one. More routes, more danger.
    • Reworked one of the regular biomes to be more exciting.
    • New rare biome: Edge Control.
    • New rare biome: Powers Only.
    • New alternative biome: Lava Lakes (more risky verion of the regular biomes)
    • Changed the grass again. No more grainy noise. 
    • Tweaks to all surface colours.

      For this update we mostly focused on the biomes (the level types). Improving some and adding some new ones.

      Updated biome: Ice
      The Ice Biome has been in there for a long while. Basically a biome that has a lot of ice. However it often led to not too exciting races as a leading player would encounter few or no dangers. 

      The updated biome has a clear structure to its layout. There is typically a lava barrier just in front of the goal preventing players from reaching it directly. 

      There is now an area in the center that has a high chance of grass which attract players to the center before they move around the lava barrier. 

      Also directly after the start region there is a patchwork of lava that aims to create multiple interesting routes directly from the start. 

      There is a chance of finding some powers in the central area away from the grass and behind the goal. Both making detours possibly worthwhile as powers on ice can be very disruptive.

      Examples of the updated biome:

      New rare biome: Edge Control
      Grass next to lava is tempting but also dangerous.


      New rare biome: Powers Only
      A new rare level that is all about smart power usage. 


      Revert to previous version

      When you have issues running the latest version you can always revert to the previous version by selecting the 'previousupdate' branch in Steam. 
      To do so right click Chalo Chalo in your library.
      Select Properties
      Select BETAS
      In the dropdown menu select previousupdate (no password needed)

      Steam should then revert to the previous version. If it fails, restarting Steam tends to fix a lot.

      Tuesday, February 28, 2017

      Update 4. Visual terrain improvements - Changelog

      Steam Build ID: 1658849
      WiFi Controller iOS version: 1.20 (no change)
      WiFi Controller Android version: 1.21 (no change)


      • Tar Bombs now detonate correctly even if player dies after triggering the countdown.


      • Lava material looks more like actual lava and has motion to make it easier to distinguish from other materials.
      • Grass material now has grainy texture.
      • Ice material looks more like ice.
      • Ash material is now slightly lighter.
      • Player colors are brighter and easier to distinquish.
      • Player dots have a dark outline to improve visibility.
      • Player directional indicator (visible when on ice) for now disabled.
      • Power up icon circles pulsate.

      This update is almost entirely visual and focuses on the different terrains in the maps. We label the terrains as follows:

      • ash - the default grey terrain 
      • grass - green and fast
      • ice - white and slippery
      • tar - black and slow
      • lava - red and deadly

      Triggered by a player commenting how it was almost impossible for a color blind friend of his to distinguish between grass (green) and lava (red). We took a look at the terrain and tried to make it easier to 'read' in general. 

      Below a screenshot of the previous version and a copy of that screenshot ran through an online color blind simulator.

      One thing that helps is having different textures for the terrains so even without the colors you would be able to distinguish between grass and lava.

      Below the same test but with the new visuals:

      As players will never actually be racing over the lava we can apply a more distinct look to the lava than to the other terrains. Lava now has a texture and animation making it look a lot more like lava and making it easy to spot. 

      Though we quite like the very abstract look of the previous versions a bit more detail in the terrains seems to work well. We'll probably keep tweaking this to make the style of the different terrains match.

      With this visual update the game's look changes once again and it is no doubt not the last time.
      Below some screenshots of the different versions so far.

      - - NEW - - NEW - - NEW - - 
      Revert to previous version

      When you have issues running the latest version you can always revert to the previous version by selecting the 'previousupdate' branch in Steam. 
      To do so right click Chalo Chalo in your library.
      Select Properties
      Select BETAS
      In the dropdown menu select previousupdate (no password needed)

      Steam should then revert to the previous version. If it fails, restarting Steam tends to fix a lot.

      Thursday, January 12, 2017

      Update 3. Changelog

      Steam Build ID: 1565267
      WiFi Controller iOS version: 1.20 (no change)
      WiFi Controller Android version: 1.21 (no change)


      This update mostly fixes a nasty bug caused by the Teleport power. Note that when you run the game it should show First Run in red text the first time you play the updated version.

      • Fixed the 'frozen input bug' where sometimes players would move in a straight line from the start of the race and wouldn't react to controller input.
      • In exhibition mode individual player inactivity dropout routine causes freeze crashes, don't know why yet. So that's disabled for now. General inactivity timeout is still working as expected - resets to start screen when no controller input detected for a while.

      Friday, December 16, 2016

      Update 2. Changelog

      Steam Build ID: 1506567
      WiFi Controller iOS version: 1.20
      WiFi Controller Android version: 1.21


      Most importantly we changed some network settings for the WiFi controllers and think this should make them less likely to disconnect.

      Still fiddling around with the Teleport power. Now back to two presses. Similar to the Tar Bomb. We liked the idea of making the Teleport feel very smooth when used. Two presses seems not in line with that, but in tests no one figured out to hold the button to extend the length of your teleport. Now you at least see that nothing has happened before you press a second time.


Most fun change is that you can now use Rift or Gust or a 'simple' nudge to change the Tar Bomb's position after it has landed and before it detonates.

Switched to a more forgiving QoS setting for WiFi controllers. Should mean fewer disconnects. Fixed bug where new players could drop in behind lava flush, and hold up game progress.
      • Fixed bug where a gap would appear in player's trail when nudging.
      • Smoother transition away from 'match winner' screen.
      • Now really works on 32 bit Windows versions.
      • Fixed bug where using pause on the join screen could mess up the global timescale.

      • Teleport is back to two distinct presses to use
      • Once the teleport sequence is started, the direction of the teleport cannot be changed.
      • While timing down to detonate, tar bomb projectiles can be moved by using the Rift power or the Gust power or nudging.
      • Players drop out of match if inactive for more than 15 seconds during a race.
      • In exhibition mode, if there's no controller activity for 20 seconds the game resets to the join screen. Winner screen displays for less long.

      Wednesday, November 23, 2016

      Update 1. Changelog

      Chalo Chalo is available on Steam. We've just pushed the first update since the early access launch. Here are the changes:

      Build date: 201611150600
      Steam Build ID: 1460145
      WiFi Controller iOS version: 1.19
      WiFi Controller Android version: 1.18


      * Fixed bug where goal was sometimes inaccessible because of lava.

      * Fixed bug where the display of power cells on a race map was sometimes glitchy.

      * Fixed bug which would sometimes create a spike artefact attached to a player's trail.

      * Fixed bug where sometimes a player would end up controlling two identical dots.

      * Player Guide URL fixed when accessed from pause menu.

      * Fixed bug where in rare cases the lava flush at the end of the race would behave strangely.


      * Now also works on 32 bit versions of Windows.

      * WiFi controller movement widget is roving now, to prevent player thumbs from accidentally slipping off (requires that players update their WiFi controller apps).

      * Added XInput mode toggle button to the pause menu. For users of Steam controllers and Steam Link. (NB. activating XInput mode restricts maximum number of simultaneously connected hardware controllers to 4).

      * Teleport works differently. Press and hold to 'expand' the teleport distance. Use stick to choose teleport direction (up or down the screen). Release button to teleport. NB. The steering of your dot is frozen while holding fire!

      * All achievements are implemented.

      * Player scores can no longer go below zero.

      * Players can no longer win the match by getting to the goal in 2nd place. (If a player needs two points to win, but only scores one point, that point is not added to their score).

      * P or spacebar can be used to toggle pause. Arrow keys and return can be used to interact with pause menu.

      * Players can make their dots Boop on the score screen.

      * Proportions on score screen are better for matches with not many players.

      * Cosmetic changes and optimisation for 'about to win' player trail decoration.

      Tuesday, October 4, 2016

      Help us launch Chalo Chalo on October 24th!

      Hey everyone. We're happy to announce that on October 24th Chalo Chalo will be made available on Steam Early Access!

      Here's our trailer:

      The web page for the game can be found at ChaloChaloGame.com.

      Would you like to help us promote the game when we launch? I've set up a Nouncy campaign here that you might like to support: http://tomaszkaye.nouncy.com/chalochalolaunch 

      Here's how it works: Via the Nouncy campaign page you write a social media post (or one per each platform that you want to use) about Chalo Chalo and grant us permission to control when that tweet/post is published. That enables us to choose a schedule for publishing those tweets that maximises (we hope!) the exposure of people to our game.

      If you're in the neighbourhood of Neuk├Âlln, Berlin and fancy hanging out with us on the evening of the October 24th shoot us an email: chalochalogame at gmail dot com.

      Friday, September 30, 2016

      The First Chalo Chalo Tournament, at Zamspielen in Vienna

      We had a terrific time at the first Chalo Chalo tournament in Vienna, hosted by Zamspielen. A special thanks to Josef for all his energetic help, and another congratulations to Laurenz Riklin who was the most skilful racer there that day. 

      A gram of gold was the prize
      Laurenz Riklin was victorious!