Tuesday, September 6, 2016

On the similarities between Chalo Chalo and AirConsole's Polyracer game

Some people have commented about the similarities between Chalo Chalo and a game called Polyracer. Both are top-down multiplayer abstract racing games that use a voronoi grid whose cells influence player movement in different ways. For the sake of transparency here's what we know:

In August 2015 Richard was showing Chalo Chalo at Gamescom in Cologne. While there, he met Rafael Morgan from AirConsole. Rapheal asked if we'd be interested in partnering with AirConsole and porting Chalo Chalo to their platform. Richard said that we'd look again at our options when we came to developing the phone controller for Chalo Chalo. We weren't yet at that stage.

Later we decided to develop the Chalo Chalo phone controller independently ourselves and not to bring our game to AirConsole. Our phone controller is now ready on Apple's store, and on Google Play

In January 2016 we showed Chalo Chalo at the Ludicious festival in Zurich. People from AirConsole were also there. They were demoing their system. One of the new games they were showing was Polyracer - which shares characteristics with Chalo Chalo. Rafael Morgan approached us to ask if there were any hard feelings about their publication of a Chalo Chalo inspired game.

Chalo Chalo