Friday, December 16, 2016

Update 2. Changelog

Steam Build ID: 1506567
WiFi Controller iOS version: 1.20
WiFi Controller Android version: 1.21


Most importantly we changed some network settings for the WiFi controllers and think this should make them less likely to disconnect.

Still fiddling around with the Teleport power. Now back to two presses. Similar to the Tar Bomb. We liked the idea of making the Teleport feel very smooth when used. Two presses seems not in line with that, but in tests no one figured out to hold the button to extend the length of your teleport. Now you at least see that nothing has happened before you press a second time.

Most fun change is that you can now use Rift or Gust or a 'simple' nudge to change the Tar Bomb's position after it has landed and before it detonates.

Switched to a more forgiving QoS setting for WiFi controllers. Should mean fewer disconnects. Fixed bug where new players could drop in behind lava flush, and hold up game progress.
  • Fixed bug where a gap would appear in player's trail when nudging.
  • Smoother transition away from 'match winner' screen.
  • Now really works on 32 bit Windows versions.
  • Fixed bug where using pause on the join screen could mess up the global timescale.

  • Teleport is back to two distinct presses to use
  • Once the teleport sequence is started, the direction of the teleport cannot be changed.
  • While timing down to detonate, tar bomb projectiles can be moved by using the Rift power or the Gust power or nudging.
  • Players drop out of match if inactive for more than 15 seconds during a race.
  • In exhibition mode, if there's no controller activity for 20 seconds the game resets to the join screen. Winner screen displays for less long.

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