Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Update 4. Visual terrain improvements - Changelog

Steam Build ID: 1658849
WiFi Controller iOS version: 1.20 (no change)
WiFi Controller Android version: 1.21 (no change)


  • Tar Bombs now detonate correctly even if player dies after triggering the countdown.


  • Lava material looks more like actual lava and has motion to make it easier to distinguish from other materials.
  • Grass material now has grainy texture.
  • Ice material looks more like ice.
  • Ash material is now slightly lighter.
  • Player colors are brighter and easier to distinquish.
  • Player dots have a dark outline to improve visibility.
  • Player directional indicator (visible when on ice) for now disabled.
  • Power up icon circles pulsate.

This update is almost entirely visual and focuses on the different terrains in the maps. We label the terrains as follows:

  • ash - the default grey terrain 
  • grass - green and fast
  • ice - white and slippery
  • tar - black and slow
  • lava - red and deadly

Triggered by a player commenting how it was almost impossible for a color blind friend of his to distinguish between grass (green) and lava (red). We took a look at the terrain and tried to make it easier to 'read' in general. 

Below a screenshot of the previous version and a copy of that screenshot ran through an online color blind simulator.

One thing that helps is having different textures for the terrains so even without the colors you would be able to distinguish between grass and lava.

Below the same test but with the new visuals:

As players will never actually be racing over the lava we can apply a more distinct look to the lava than to the other terrains. Lava now has a texture and animation making it look a lot more like lava and making it easy to spot. 

Though we quite like the very abstract look of the previous versions a bit more detail in the terrains seems to work well. We'll probably keep tweaking this to make the style of the different terrains match.

With this visual update the game's look changes once again and it is no doubt not the last time.
Below some screenshots of the different versions so far.

- - NEW - - NEW - - NEW - - 
Revert to previous version

When you have issues running the latest version you can always revert to the previous version by selecting the 'previousupdate' branch in Steam. 
To do so right click Chalo Chalo in your library.
Select Properties
Select BETAS
In the dropdown menu select previousupdate (no password needed)

Steam should then revert to the previous version. If it fails, restarting Steam tends to fix a lot.

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