Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Update 5. New and updated biomes. Changelog

Steam Build ID: 1767513
WiFi Controller iOS version: 1.25 (updated to newer Unity networking library)
WiFi Controller Android version: 1.25 (updated to newer Unity networking library)


  • The repeating 'pinging' sound as someone's about to win the match is back again.
  • Fixed the goal being located slightly above the vertical center.


    • Replaced old ice biome with new one. More routes, more danger.
    • Reworked one of the regular biomes to be more exciting.
    • New rare biome: Edge Control.
    • New rare biome: Powers Only.
    • New alternative biome: Lava Lakes (more risky verion of the regular biomes)
    • Changed the grass again. No more grainy noise. 
    • Tweaks to all surface colours.

      For this update we mostly focused on the biomes (the level types). Improving some and adding some new ones.

      Updated biome: Ice
      The Ice Biome has been in there for a long while. Basically a biome that has a lot of ice. However it often led to not too exciting races as a leading player would encounter few or no dangers. 

      The updated biome has a clear structure to its layout. There is typically a lava barrier just in front of the goal preventing players from reaching it directly. 

      There is now an area in the center that has a high chance of grass which attract players to the center before they move around the lava barrier. 

      Also directly after the start region there is a patchwork of lava that aims to create multiple interesting routes directly from the start. 

      There is a chance of finding some powers in the central area away from the grass and behind the goal. Both making detours possibly worthwhile as powers on ice can be very disruptive.

      Examples of the updated biome:

      New rare biome: Edge Control
      Grass next to lava is tempting but also dangerous.


      New rare biome: Powers Only
      A new rare level that is all about smart power usage. 


      Revert to previous version

      When you have issues running the latest version you can always revert to the previous version by selecting the 'previousupdate' branch in Steam. 
      To do so right click Chalo Chalo in your library.
      Select Properties
      Select BETAS
      In the dropdown menu select previousupdate (no password needed)

      Steam should then revert to the previous version. If it fails, restarting Steam tends to fix a lot.

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