Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Missile on ice exploit

Using the missile power up on ice seems like a very convenient way to travel.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Now after every race a screenshot gets saved of the final race paths. We'll analyse thousands of those using microscopes and wearing lab coats.

This race shows me beating the auto pilot players. Indeed we've spend a limited amount of time on the auto pilot script.

Chalo Chalo on show at Indigo in Utrecht

Indigo is a yearly event that showcases a variety of Dutch independent games. This year it all takes place in Utrecht's city hall and the event can be visited Saturday September 29. This will be the first real public showing of the game.

More about the event here:

Chalo Chalo: First Contact

Chalo Chalo will be playable at Indigo 2012 In Utrecht.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Intense dot steering. Photo: Annika Vos

Chalo Chalo thoughts after Multiplayer Game Picnic #3.

  • Amp visual feedback for explosions even more with very brief display of: rays, dark screen overlay.
  • Power-up: Ranged blast weapon with kick-back for the launcher
  • Power-up: Horizontal mirroring of the terrain (can be interpreted different ways). Thanks to Jan Willem.
  • Trinity: avoid ice 'exploit' by making the direction that clones appear always perpendicular to a line towards the goal. (Many don't 'get' trinity at the moment, underpowered?).
  • Lassoo: ranged weapon. when opponent is hit, firer and opponent are pushed towards each other (proportionally to the distance between them).
  • Stun gun. Add slight 'homing' behaviour to projectiles.

A big thanks to everyone who played, and gave praise, constructive criticism and suggestions.