Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Update 1. Changelog

Chalo Chalo is available on Steam. We've just pushed the first update since the early access launch. Here are the changes:

Build date: 201611150600
Steam Build ID: 1460145
WiFi Controller iOS version: 1.19
WiFi Controller Android version: 1.18


* Fixed bug where goal was sometimes inaccessible because of lava.

* Fixed bug where the display of power cells on a race map was sometimes glitchy.

* Fixed bug which would sometimes create a spike artefact attached to a player's trail.

* Fixed bug where sometimes a player would end up controlling two identical dots.

* Player Guide URL fixed when accessed from pause menu.

* Fixed bug where in rare cases the lava flush at the end of the race would behave strangely.


* Now also works on 32 bit versions of Windows.

* WiFi controller movement widget is roving now, to prevent player thumbs from accidentally slipping off (requires that players update their WiFi controller apps).

* Added XInput mode toggle button to the pause menu. For users of Steam controllers and Steam Link. (NB. activating XInput mode restricts maximum number of simultaneously connected hardware controllers to 4).

* Teleport works differently. Press and hold to 'expand' the teleport distance. Use stick to choose teleport direction (up or down the screen). Release button to teleport. NB. The steering of your dot is frozen while holding fire!

* All achievements are implemented.

* Player scores can no longer go below zero.

* Players can no longer win the match by getting to the goal in 2nd place. (If a player needs two points to win, but only scores one point, that point is not added to their score).

* P or spacebar can be used to toggle pause. Arrow keys and return can be used to interact with pause menu.

* Players can make their dots Boop on the score screen.

* Proportions on score screen are better for matches with not many players.

* Cosmetic changes and optimisation for 'about to win' player trail decoration.

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